How To Order

Select the item you want, click on it,

You will be re-directed to the "Product Page" of that item.
There you can select the size and/or color of the item. Sometimes there is no option of size or color.
Just check the title of the item to see the size etc.

Select how many items you want and click the ADD TO CART..
NOW.. SEE THE GREEN BUTTON That Says "Cart" at the top right of this page?
If the Cart has a number beside it like "Cart1" That means you have one item in the cart.
If you are ready to finish, just CLICK THAT GREEN BUTTON and  follow the instructions SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY!

Most mistakes are made because of rushing through... Do not do that. Take your time.
After a few times, then you will know exactly what to do and can then proceed quicker.

Please provide in the comments your FACEBOOK MESSENGER LINK so we can connect with you fast if needed.

When you type in your Billing Information, that is you
You will see a small check box that says "Same As Billing"  Uncheck that.
This is where you will type in the information of the person that will receive the items.

Yes, it is sent in your name, not ours.