Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Out Of The Philippines?

Yes we can now ship out of country, however because of the expenses, we require a minimum of 12 pieces to ship. AND, you must select the Courier / Shipper and include the shipping fee in advance with the purchase of the items.

Can You Send Us Your Catalog & Prices?

Because of the high turnover of our items, we cannot provide a printed catalog. However, our WHOLESALE WEBSITE is our ONLINE CATALOG. You can access all of our inventory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. To make things even easier you may want to review our Quick Start Reseller Shopping Cart Membership as we will provide you with a Retail Version of our wholesale Inventory and that way your customers have direct access through your Quick Start Shopping Cart Branded and personalized website. 

No Minimum Requirement, Is It True?

YES! it’s true, we’re the only  Direct Wholesale Supplier that offers no minimum order. WE also offer Direct Drop Shipping to your customer in your name which is a free option. But remember shipping fees are shouldered either by you or your customer. We do not offer Free shipping unless its a bulk order per drop ship. But we will ship just ONE ITEM to your customer if you want us to but someone has to pay for the shipping. Please ask us directly via Facebook chat or contact our sales staff if you need better clarification.

Can I Sell Your Items On Consignment?

We no longer offer consignment options for our resellers. The reason is that after a few years we realized that most consignment sellers just don’t do a good job selling usually because they don’t know how to get traffic into their boutiques. Then by the time they return the items they are either damaged, had been used or out of style. And, on occasion never get returned, nor do we get paid for them being sold. So as much as it sounds like a cool idea, it’s not practical for us to offer consignment any longer.

Can I Be A Reseller For You?

Yes, anyone can be a reseller for us. The only thing we want you to be sure of is that you will be honest in your transactions. Both with your customers and us. WE HAVE TWO TYPES OF RESELLERS… You can simply use your Facebook to resell our products and you do all the work, copy paste etc.

We have two types of resellers:
1. The Quick Start Shopping Cart Reseller (We do all the Work)
2. The Normal Type Facebook Reseller (YOU Do all the Work)

Both resellers are lifetime members and you can post anywhere on the Internet

Do You Offer Discounts On Your Products?

Yes but you need to buy in bulk, for details simply contact the sales staff or Mam Lynn directly for bulk discounts.

Do You Ship Same Day?

Pay by 4pm, ship next day. No more product verification so pay same time you order. It's faster for you and your customers.

I Am An OFW, Can I Buy For My Relative or Friends and Ship To Them Directly?

The answer is YES, that is considered Drop Shipping. We will drop ship for you at no additional fee however the shipping fee must be shouldered by you or your customer.

Do You Charge A Membership Fee or VIP Fee?

We used to have a free membership but no longer. After 10 years of watching and wondering why our highest failure rates were from our Free Reseller Members. We were going crazy trying to figure out why?  Statistics don't lie and we found that when you as a person in general do not invest your own money into a business, when things get hard, it's simply too easy to walk away, quit and say "It's Ok, I didn't have any thing invested in it anyway".  Investing your time is simply not enough.

We found that even a small amount of money invested can make the difference, because most people will actually try harder, to not lose what they invested and that sometimes that's all that's needed to overcome a difficulty.

So No More Freebies, No More Window Shoppers. Only Serious need apply!

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is basically when a customer orders from you and we are your supplier, we will send that order directly to your customer in your name.

We do not send it to them in our name, that would not make sense. Another example is that your customer buys from you and they want you to send it to say a friend or family member as a gift. That is considered drop shipping.

HOW DO I CREATE A DROP SHIP ORDER? Once you add your selected items to our (LynnsFashionStore Wholesale Shopping Cart) you start the CHECK OUT PROCEDURE… As you go through the steps when it asks for YOUR ADDRESS that information is placed into the PAYING PERSONS ADDRESS (YOURS) Then you will SEE A SMALL CHECK BOX asking if the SHIPPING ADDRESS IS DIFFERENT THAN YOUR ADDRESS… CLICK THAT CHECK BOX! Now put in the address of your customer so that is the address we will ship to… Then complete the checkout. THAT IS HOW TO MAKE A DROP SHIP ORDER

BIG TIP: Always send a text and Email to [email protected] with a cc to [email protected] and tell them the order number and to make sure they know this order is a DROP SHIP…

We are human and when we’re super busy, we can make a mistake so if you follow up and give us a HEADS UP to do the DROP SHIP, you are insuring the drop ship is done… It’s just a tip …

Is Your Business Legitimate?

Yes we are Legit! We are registerd with BIR and DTI under Lynns Fashion Boutique. That is a registered NATIONAL NAME and not just for a local city.

We’ve been in the Fashion business since 2008 and started out as a reseller from home, then opened two separate real boutiques on two separate occasions in two separate cities and eventually moved into the Direct Wholesale Business in Dumaguete City. We created, own and operate the only Instant Fashion Business of its kind in the Philippines and we are the only Direct Wholesale Supplier that offers Marketing services and Support.

You Offer Training For New Resellers, Is That True?

Yes we offer training and assistance to any of our resellers that want help in increasing their customer traffic and sales. We don’t care if you are a startup, a boutique owner or Facebook Reseller. We want to help you. We have experience in operating regular boutiques as well as online boutiques using Facebook or have their own E-commerce shopping cart we can help. As long as you are our reseller we’re there to help you.

HOWEVER, if you are a member of our A+List Reseller Team, a Quick Start Shopping Cart Reseller, then you get all of the benefits we offer which gives you a big head-start in the industry if you're just starting out and an edge over your competitors if you are an existing fashion business online or off.

Can I Really Make Money Selling On Facebook With You As My Supplier?

The basic answer is YES! the real answer is if you are willing to put in the time and effort and learn and teach yourself all about marketing then the answer is a BIG YES. But if you think you only need to put a couple of items that you like up on your Facebook and pretend to be in business, then no.

We are the only real Direct Wholesale Supplier that offers full support to our resellers. We’ve created a very powerful and dynamic Quick Start Shopping Cart Reseller Membership that does almost ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!

With it we offer tools like a professional branded website with plenty of  items ready to sell. We remove all the sold out items daily and we add new stocks every week. You should try to put up several hundred items on your Facebook and see how hard that is. We offer online training, and branded marketing videos that help direct traffic to your IFB website… The more customers the more sales and we offer full sales support, I.T. Support and Marketing advice and tools.

The most powerful thing you can do to get started or restart is to use Facebook with the Quick Start Shopping Cart. Do it right the first time and you’ll get to where you want to go quicker and easier.

Nobody in this industry offers what we do.

If you want to “test” the waters… thats certainly your choice but we’ve done everything to make it possible for you become successful and no one else cares, other than to sell you their wholesale products. We’re much more than that.

Do you want a husband only or a husband that is loving, makes money and is good to the kids.
Most Suppliers are just the husband type. We’re the one that is loving, will help you make money and take care of your kids. You Choose!

How Do I Get Started As A Reseller?

First you have to decide whether you want to just sell on Facebook Only and do all the work yourself or you want to signup for the Quick Start Shopping Cart Membership and get a Jump Start to success.

So please review both the Facebook Reseller Info and then the Quick Start Shopping Cart Membership Info and make your own decision.
If you need more clarification please feel free to chat with me on the Instant Fashion Business Facebook Page

When I Order Using Your Shopping Cart, Do I Have To Pay

Our shopping cart does not accept any form of payment. So there is no online payment using our shopping cart. We use it strictly for you to make a professional easy to use order. It does ask you what your preferred method of payment is and gives you a an option to check which one you prefer. But we do not require and do not accept payments online with our shopping cart. This eliminates any opportunity for anyone to ever hack your financial information.

What Is Your Shopping Cart Order Process And What Can I Expect?
We use our shopping cart as a professional easy to use order process only. Once you are done adding all the items to the shopping cart, have added your shipping address and personal information, you then select which payment option you want to use whether it’s a Bank Transfer or a money remittance, Smart Money or GCash etc. then you simply submit the order and pay.

There is no longer a product verification process to expedite your order..

If you have any questions regarding any order for any concern, simply contact the sales staff or Mam Lynn directly to help you with your order.

I Had A Hard Time Communicating With My Last Supplier Are You Better ?

GREAT QUESTION! Yes we are much much better now also. We have 3 members in our Sales Staff plus Lynn the owner. WE have one landline, 3 cellphones, We use Viber, Facebook Messenger. You can call, text or leave a message so there is no excuse that you cannot connect with us 7 days a week!

Just check on our home page, its’ all there easy to see!

Can You Do Anything Special For Me Like A Nice Video and Other Stuff?

You are in Luck! We have a Web Developer / Graphic Designer on staff. So we can do logos, personalized Marketing videos, We can do a full proprietory website for you if you wish. We even have an experienced online and offline marketing expert so all you have to do is ask. We won’t charge you to ask any question you want. If you need something that costs extra we will tell you up front so you can decide if its right for you.

The key is that you have to ask. You may be surprised at what we can do for you and how quickly as well. Remember we are here to help you. You are our partner, not just a customer.

What Is An Instant Fashion Business?
Instant Fashion Business is a very powerful reseller program that is now called the QUICK START RESELLER MEMBERSHIP. It is designed to give any Facebook reseller that wants to sell womens fashion clothing a way to get started immediately without having to do a lot of work.

As an example: Lets pretend that I am a single mother with a very deep voice…haha, I have over 2000 friends on my Facebook and I want to earn an income so I can pay my bills, buy clothing, medicine and food for my kids, have my own place to live and pay my own rent and not have to rely so much on my aunties and parents because they don’t have a lot of money either.

I signup and pay a one time fee for the Quick Start Reseller program from Lynns Fashion Store. They are a Direct Wholesale Supplier.

Within 24 hours of them verifying my payment I have a professional shopping cart website that has a lot of items already displayed on it.

Can You Ship Items Via My Preferred Shipper?
Lets say your customer wants you as a retailer to ship via LBC because they have a LBC very close to them.

Just contact Lynn the owner and simply ASK. We cannot accommodate everyone but we may be able to drop ship to your customers preference but only on a individual case. So just ask Mam Lynn and see what she says.

Our preferred shipping company is JRS.