Free Reseller Guide

Learn the basics to getting started whether your selling online, from home or a retail store.

We can give you tips and tricks on how to get a head start in selling clothing. It can be a great partime or full time income depending on your effort and seriousness.

We know students, teachers, housewives, working women, pregnant wives, single moms, even guys making a nice living reselling our items. We can show you how to start and give you a very good idea of your investment needed. Just request our free “Reseller Guide” and we’ll email you a copy right away.

How to start your business
What to expect to pay for your items
What to expect in markup for your items (How much you should sell for)
How to treat your customers
Understanding Shipping costs
How to accept different forms of payment
How to market your items
How to get a professional yet cheap website
Suggestions and Ideas on how to grow your business
And so much more…

We hope that you find the guide useful.

You must know how to unzip the ATTACHED zip file and then have adobe PDF reader in order to view the information.


We are a high volume RTW Dresses and Blouses Wholesaler and are financially responsible. This means we are more likely to remain in business for a long time and we are not a scammer business.

We are proud that we on average have over 2000 Dresses and Blouses To Choose From on any given day. We delete those albums that are sold out as soon as the last item is sold of that style. We also add new albums often, sometimes weekly depending on sales volume for the week.


All you have to do is simply start ordering items. Remember there are 6 pieces minimum and you shoulder the shipping cost unless the order is over 20 pieces which shipping in the Philippines is then free.

TIP: All Professionals Do Their Homework First

We find that the most successful resellers are the most informed resellers. They know our policies and procedures just as well as we do. So please take the time to read everything in the “Information” Menu… and it’s always best to review every couple of months as well to see if there are any new updates to our procedures and policies.