Terms & Conditions

Reseller Rules & Regulations

Out Of Country Purchases: We require a minimum of 12 pieces (can be assorted) ordered before we can ship. You will also shoulder the shipping fees. You must provide us the Courier to use and make sure you send us the fee to pay for the shipping.

Making A Payment:

It is your responsibility to communicate with us that the payment has been made. Whether it is Paypal, Bank Transfer, Illulier, GCash, Smart Money, Western Union etc. We need you to tell us what the payment vehicle is. Then we have to verify that the payment is made. If you do not communicate the proper payment, we will not ship.

Making A Payment in a SEPARATE NAME: This is especially difficult to verify if you make a payment in a separate name and not yours, you must communicate that to us. We cannot read your mind. Again, if Linda Johnson speaks to the owner, Marilyn that she is buying 6 items and she says she made a payment, then we check for a payment by Linda Johnson and there is no payment to be found, we will NOT SHIP ITEMS. So please be clear in who pays for your order.

You must be a RESELLER of our products in order to copy and paste pictures from our website to yours. If you DO NOT RESELL OUR PRODUCTS, then you are PROHIBITED from using any images from our website. All violators may be subject to criminal and/or civil case filed against you.

Refunds & Exchanges:

All items are inspected before they are shipped. If for any reason you do receive an item that is damaged, we will re-inspect the item and make a final determination as to whether we will provide an exchange, refund and/or deny an exchange and/or refund of any kind.

In order for an item to be considered an exchange or refund option, you must notify us within 3 days of receipt of items. (The purpose of the 3 day limit is eliminate exchanges and/or refunds because the item is not sellable by you) In the past we have found out that some customers were buying items and those that did not sell within 30 days were being returned for an exchange or refund. We are not responsible for your inability to sell your products therefore you must inspect and contact us within 3 days of receipt for any item to qualify for a possible exchange or refund.

Unconditional exchange or refund:

If we send you the wrong color of any item and you do not want that color we will honor an exchange or refund.

Shipping Terms:

Items will not be shipped until a payment is received

WE ARE CLOSED ON SUNDAYS… However, You can still submit your orders on Sundays but we will not process or verify orders until Monday starting at 8am.

All ORDERS are assigned an ORDER NUMBER so we verify and process based on the order number… first order – first verified…

Because we accept many payment types, you must send us a confirmation text as soon as you have made a payment to us telling how you sent the payment so we can verify. If we are unable to verify a payment, we will not send the items.

We also need PROOF of the Payment… Transaction Numbers or copy images of receipts please, can be emailed to us

Shipment Tracking:

All delivery companies provide a tracking number. Once we deliver the items to the shipping company, pay the fee, obtain a receipt and tracking number, we no longer have control over the shipment. It then becomes the FULL RESPONSIBILITY of the shipping company to deliver to you.

The Tracking number is usually added at the END OF THE DAY that the order was given to the courier company.

We will provide you with a receipt number and tracking number for you to follow up. If for any reason you have difficulties please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help but again, once the items leave our possession it becomes the responsibility of the courier/shipping company to deliver promptly. We are not responsible for items not delivered as long as we have a receipt and tracking number provided by the courier company.